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Springy Pond Farm is a local hippotherapist who previously had a site, however, it needed a major overhaul; the only request by the client was to use earth tone colors in the design. For this project, the client already had a great logo to work with and a few images they had taken from past sessions. In addition, to the site design they also needed to shoot a couple of different videos to show students what to expect before they arrive. To this day Springy Pond Farm still tells me how much they LOVE their new site!

3D Illustrated speaking was a new adventure for this client. Therefore, we worked together to design a name and a logo. Once that was in place; a video was needed to give his clients a sample of his ability. The client had all of the footage previously shot but came to me when it was time to put it all together. Finally, we needed some images to place on the site, which were taken by Web Fabrication as well.

Valley View Septic has been a reliable company for many years and they decided it was time to make their presence on the web. Like most of my clients they didn't have the time, nor did they want to take the time to deal with how the site would look and what was needed. We schedule a photography day and rode in the trucks in order to get some live photos and learn more about the business and what services they provide. The result is an interactive sight that will educate and give customers answers to some of the most popular questions.

Skim Through is a new kind of website that lets it's users view information from hundreds of other sites without ever leaving. If you are a frequent visitor of this site then you will soon notice that the main layout changes according to the time of day. The reason for this was to give its users something different every time they visit. With constantly changing content and a different layout each visit Skim Through truly gives it's users something different.

J. Michael Photography is a local photographer that takes photos of the various scenic areas around the state of Maine. This site is was intended to be graphically simple in order to not interfere with the images. In the design of this web site, there needed to be a way to arrange and organize the different categories of images and options to purchase. Papal was used to provide a secure and simple way to purchase and manage the clients images.

Exploring Analog Synthesis (EAS) was built for a client who needed a website that would demonstrate his knowledge of analog synthesis for a final project to obtain a masters in audio engineering. The client provided the audio, graphics, and demonstration videos, however, it was up to Web Fabrication to take these files and create a working site. This site leverages CSS3, HTML5, and Java Script to provide a highly interactive website. EAS utilizes virtual keyboards, envelope generators, filters, and oscillators to simulate the effects of all of the stated components. In addition, there are a series of demonstration videos that will explain and teach you how to effectively utilize an analog synthesis. Exploring Analog Synthesis was an extreme time crunch that was on a two-week deadline. I am happy to say that from concept to final design the client and I were able to make the deadline!

Deeper Life Assembly is a local church that has utilized its site to provide audio sermons, announcements, and more to keep its members informed and up to date. Prior to the sites construction DLA had a name and a slogan, but no logo that would make the public aware of its ministries around the area. The pastor and other various leaders in the church wrote the sites content; however, Web Fabrication designed all the various logos and images throughout the site. In addition, to designing and maintaining their web site; Web Fabrication also designs all of their posters and graphics needed for different events that are held by DLA.