Freelance Web Design

Who is Web Fabrication?

Web Fabrication is located in Bangor, Maine and was founded in 2010 by J. Michael Adams who was brought up on the coast of Maine. His skill set includes experience in Web Development, Graphic Design, Video, Photography, Live Sound, Networking, and Electronic Repair. You will find that Michael is a down to earth guy who has worked in numerous different jobs starting at the age of 10 working for the Bangor Daily News delivering newspapers. Because of his broad work history you will find that he can easily relate to clients and their businesses. Web Fabrication is a professional freelance company that is dedicated in making your new website come to a reality with as little stress as possible. Choose Web Fabrication for your next website and see just how easy building a website can be.

Mission Statement

Web Fabrication is dedicated in providing you with a personal, cost effective, and stress free way for you to promote your business or organization on the Web by providing you with web design, web hosting, graphic design, photography, Videography, and more all under one roof.

Why Choose Web Fabrication for your new website?

Most businesses must hire separate companies to handle their photos, videos, graphic designs, web hosting, and development. Not only is this method expensive, but it can also be impersonal. Because of the high cost these services, most businesses settle for stock images of a fake company that doesn’t provide its customers an accurate look into the company. In addition, the client has now become a middleman trying to schedule shoots, explain and provide proper colors, file formats, and relaying information between the numerous services. This method is costly, confusing, time consuming, and hard to manage. Too often the end result is either a mediocre website or no website at all.

Web Fabrication delivers a professional skill set that is needed to provide you with a quality website that will help promote your business without causing